Additional Terms For Safeway Cash

Effective September 1, 2020

Our Safeway App (“App”) has the “Safeway Cash” built-in feature that enables you to pay for in-store purchases in Safeway stores by using your mobile device, subject to the terms below, which apply and govern your access and use of the Safeway Cash service. Your continued access and use of the Safeway Cash service acknowledges your acceptance of these terms as well as the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of Albertsons Companies, Inc. (“Company”).

You must be age 18 or older in order to use the Safeway Cash service; provided, however, that you must be 21 or older to purchase any alcohol, tobacco, and/or other age-restricted products. Our policies applicable to in-store purchases, including use of coupons, redemption of discounts and savings, and returns apply to purchases made through the Safeway Cash service.

The Safeway Cash service cannot be used to make online purchases at or at certain independent businesses within our stores. By using the Safeway Cash service, you understand and agree that the App will utilize the wireless capability of the mobile device on which you have installed the App to communicate automatically with a Company point of purchase payment device, such as a cash register, whenever your mobile device is in proximity to Company's payment device and scans the displayed QR Code.

In order to use the Safeway Cash service to pay for your in-store purchases, you must enroll in the DirectPay service in the App, where you will need to add your bank account information to load funds. The DirectPay Terms and Conditions can be reviewed at Funds may be loaded only in increments reflected in the App, up to a maximum balance of $250.

All purchases made through the Safeway Cash service will be deducted from your available Safeway Cash balance. You are responsible for all use of the Safeway Cash service through your mobile device, including unauthorized transactions, as well as for updating your personal information and bank account information whenever it is no longer accurate. If your mobile device is lost or stolen, please contact Payment Services, Albertsons Companies, Inc., at 1-800-898-4027 immediately; we will attempt to block the service.

Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend, block, or terminate your access to or use of the Safeway Cash service at any time, without notice to you, except as otherwise provided by law. We may also restrict or limit the quantity and type of products purchased through the Safeway Cash service. Additionally, some products or in-store services may not be eligible for purchase using the Safeway Cash service, or may require additional verification prior to completion of purchase, such as alcohol, tobacco, and other age-restricted products.

Safeway Cash is designed to store a digital copy of your in-store purchase receipts for one hundred twenty (120) days from the date of the applicable purchase. We are not responsible for your inability to access the Internet and/or your electronic receipts. Your use of the Safeway Cash service may also be governed by the terms and policies of your mobile network provider, the app store from which you download the App, your device manufacturer or operating system/software provider, and bank or third-party payment provider. Neither Company nor text message carriers are liable for delayed or undeliverable messages.

Use of the App may transmit data concerning your use of the App to Company and/or your bank. This information may include geolocation data (where you are and where Company retail stores are located) or payment data. Enabling the App to utilize location services on your mobile device may provide you with access to other App features. You can turn off location services at any time on your mobile device. Refer to Company Privacy Policy and the Geo-Location Terms section of our Terms of Use for more information.