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Valentine’s day food ideas for the sweetest day around

Let sweetness reign on Valentine’s Day. We’re not just talking about the candy or the chocolates but making the entire day a sweet and fun celebration. Buy your favorite Valentine’s Day food at your local Safeway. Shop for Valentine’s Day candy and other holiday essentials in the app for pickup and delivery.

Make the day awesome from the beginning with a fun breakfast. French toast cut into hearts with fresh fruit and scrambled eggs is an effortless way to add a little fun to the first meal of the day.

Dinner isn’t the only chance to enjoy fun Valentine’s Day food ideas. Pressed for time at lunch? Meat and cheese trays are a fast way to do something fun without spending too much time in the kitchen. You can take a small paring knife to make hearts and stars, or just add in treats like chocolate-covered nuts and spicy pickles to bring character to the selection of meat, cheese and crackers.

If dinner is the main event for Valentine’s Day, then you will certainly find what you need at Safeway. The deli section holds a convenient way to bring something special to the dinner table. Ready to go salads pair well with your favorite dressing, and prepared soups like tomato basil bisque, New England chowder, chicken tortilla soup and loaded baked potato are all great options for a first course Valentine’s Day meal.

For the main course, seafood options like shrimp, salmon, clams, or lobster tails are certainly luxurious. However, there are plenty of ways to turn chicken into an interesting main dish. For example, chicken breasts stuffed with spinach, cream cheese and your favorite seasonings can go into the oven and come out hot, bubbly and ready to enjoy. The bakery has soft rolls ready to pair with your favorite meals.

Looking for an easy dessert? It doesn’t get any easier than letting the bakery handle it for you. Valentine’s Day cakes are available in-store or you can use our order-ahead system for a custom cake that’s perfect for your celebration.

This Valentine’s Day, let convenience be the gateway to a sweet celebration all day long. Shop online in the app or at your local Safeway for Valentine’s Day food and treats.