Wine Knowledge


Want to know what makes a Chardonnay buttery versus not? Join our Master of Wine Curtis Mann to learn more about the styles of Chardonnay and what makes them different, as well as some handy tips for buying Chardonnay in the grocery store.


Join our Master of Wine, Curtis Mann explore the styles and types of Rosé. Learn about what varietals make up Rosé and what regions define their taste style, while also learning some helpful tips of which ones to buy at your store.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a complex varietal with many styles and tastes. In this video our Master of Wine, Curtis Mann breaks down why Pinot Noir tastes like it does and gives some helpful tasting techniques on how to identify different flavors when tasting this varietal.

Sparkling Wine

With Spring and Summer right around the corner lets talk bubbles. Curtis Mann MW will take you through grapes, locations, how sparkling wine is made and what drives the taste. He will also take you through 5 great examples that you will really enjoy.