Prep, Store, Eat.

Buy More, Save More

When the kids are home all summer, it doesn't take long for a full fridge to look like it was invaded in a zombie apocalypse. And no doubt it's the same story during the holidays when extended family is visiting or when the neighborhood crew seems to live at your house more than their own. This is why Safeway makes it a cinch to stock up with bulk groceries — and save as if you're buying at wholesale prices.

We call it the buy more, save more philosophy, and we've got the pantry essentials and extras to make sure you can feed anyone who invades your kitchen. So, what groceries should you try to stock up on? Start with shelf-stable favorites, such as cookies, snacks and candy, as well as breakfast and cereal items.

Then, fill your cart with family-sized essentials like packages of string cheese, frozen berries, chicken and fish, beef jerky and even coffee pods. And don't forget your personal care products, such as shampoo and soap.

When you shop for your bulk groceries online or in-store at Safeway, you'll always have what you need on hand — and you'll see the savings bulk up too.

Bulk Grocery Deals