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Build a summer foil pack.

Foil pack your summer favorites

Foil packs are easy to assemble, packed with flavor, and a total crowd-pleaser. Safeway has everything you need to get started. Here’s what to add to your cart:

  • Protein: Shrimp, chicken, sausage or fish.
  • Seasonal veggies: Corn, zucchini, potatoes and bell peppers.
  • Aromatic herbs: Rosemary, thyme or cilantro will create amazing flavor. Toss in a few sprigs or leaves of your favorite herbs prior to grilling.
  • Seasoning: Sprinkle on big flavor! Make your own blend or use a classic like Old Bay or give some kick with Cajun seasoning.
  • Citrus: Sliced lemon or lime.

Preparing and cooking are simple. Place ingredients on a 12”X12” piece of foil, then fold the foil’s corners together, creating a sealed pouch. Cook on a medium-high heat grill setting for 10-12 minutes or until contents reach 145°. Let rest for 5 minutes; then enjoy.

Create your summer’s favorite foil pack with Safeway today! Shop online for DriveUp & Go™ Pickup or Delivery or visit us at your local store. Happy Labor Day!

Summertime desserts

Stock up the cooler

Labor Day essentials fit for the grill (and beyond!)

Not so fast, fall we need to say goodbye to summer first! Labor Day is the perfect farewell to summer, especially when you can fire up the grill. Find all your Labor Day essentials at your local Safeway.

The best place to start planning a great celebration is around the grill. Skewers are the ultimate finger food: load up cut vegetables and your choice of proteins (like beef, chicken, pork and turkey), and then put them on the grill until they get that smoky blend of flavors you love best. You can vary the veggies to provide a delicious meatless option as well. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetites handled at the same time? Score!

You can always count on burgers and hot dogs to wow the crowd, especially when they have a full range of toppings. Grilled onions are heavenly on both burgers and hot dogs, and it’s faster to serve up than caramelized onions.

Don’t forget that you can let seafood also take a starring role with grilled salmon, cod, shrimp, crab, lobster and more.

Labor Day isn’t just about the main dishes, of course. The sides are just as important! Corn on the cob turns into a real crowd-pleaser on the grill. Seasoning can be as mild or spicy as you like. Don’t forget the butter!  

Other great sides on and off the grill include macaroni and cheese, fruit salad, seafood salad and baked potatoes. Prepared sides from the deli give your guests plenty to enjoy, with less time spent in the kitchen on your part. That’s a holiday win-win! While you’re around the deli, stop by the bakery for buns and rolls.

For the baked potatoes, use a few different varieties like russet, Yukon gold and redskin potatoes. Let your guests mix up the toppings for their potato to keep things lively around the table.

Feeling really fancy? Grilled shrimp on top of a baked potato is a real showstopper!

Labor Day desserts round out the table nicely, with options ranging from apple and blueberry pies to cakes, cookies and muffins. Warm cake colliding with cold ice cream is always a great combination. Set up toppings for the ice cream on the table, or let guests pile cake and ice cream into mugs for a walking treat that’s easy to eat!

Of course, Labor Day isn’t the only time to fire up the grill, lay out a great spread over the table or enjoy time with friends and family. Shop online in the app or at your local Safeway to get everything on your list, and even discover something new.