Vegan Diet

Vegan bolognese spaghetti


What is Vegan?

Vegan foods consist of 100% plants only, with no animal products or derivatives.

What’s the difference between vegan and vegetarian?

There are varying degrees of plant-based or plant-forward diets. Vegan means 100% plants only (diet and sometimes lifestyle products as well, aka leather). Vegetarian, on the other hand, usually means no meat or meat byproducts from animals. There are varying degrees of vegetarian:

  • Lacto ovo: no meat/seafood but will eat dairy and eggs

  • Lacto: no meat/seafood but will eat dairy

  • Ovo: no meat/seafood or dairy but will eat eggs

  • Pescatarian: does not eat meat or other animal products but will eat fish and/or seafood. Also known as flexitarian/semi vegetarian.

Vegans also do not consume honey, and they don’t use latex (contains casein), silk, wool, beeswax or other items derived from an animal source. Also, vegans and many vegetarians avoid: Gelatin, rennet, insects, stocks and broths as they are byproducts of animal slaughter. 

Are Oreos vegan?

Per the ingredient label, Oreos do not contain any animal-based ingredients, but they may be processed in facilities that do.