Fresh Dairy Alternatives

Fresh Dairy Alternatives

Enjoy refreshing, delicious, plant-based options that only taste pasture-raised.


What is dairy-free?

Dairy refers to products made from the milk of mammals (cow, sheep, goats, etc.). Dairy-free products do not contain any milk or milk derivatives.

What foods are dairy-free?

All plain, whole form of grains, fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, legumes and meat are naturally dairy-free.

Is mayo dairy-free?

Yes. Traditionally, mayonnaise is dairy-free. That said, mayo typically contains egg yolk, which means it is not vegan. Be sure to check labels, as ingredients vary by company and product.

Is almond milk dairy-free?

Yes, in most cases almond milk is dairy-free. Be sure to check the label for any additives in flavored almond milks.

Are marshmallows dairy-free?

Yes, marshmallows are dairy-free, but they may contain gelatin or eggs, so they’re not vegan unless specifically noted on the label.

Are Oreos dairy-free?

Surprisingly, yes! But be sure to check the label as Oreos may be made in a facility using milk products.

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