McBride Sisters Wine She Can

McBride Sisters

The McBride Sisters Wine Collection is a story of two sisters and their passion for wine. Though continents apart, Robin and Andréa were raised in the wine regions of Monterey, California and Marlborough, New Zealand; independently developing an appreciation for the craft of fine winemaking. Robin and Andréa were unaware of the other for nearly half their lives. Upon meeting in 1999, Robin and Andréa quickly discovered they shared the same passion for wine and had remarkably similar upbringings growing up amongst the vineyards. Robin and Andréa created the McBride Sisters Wine Collection to unite their parallel lives and passions. Now the largest African-American-owned wine company in the United States, the collection of wines represents a genuine sense of place. Both the New Zealand and Central Coast of California wines are true expressions of each region’s terroir and the McBride sisters’ signature style; a blend of old-world elegance with new-world finesse.

This is the perfect wine to celebrate that SHE CAN, and she does.

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Andy’s Seasoning

Andy’s Seasoning was born out of a true passion for home cooking and sharing good meals with loved ones. Reuben “Andy” Anderson and Katherine Anderson turned their hobby into a business in 1981, after their friends and colleagues encouraged them to sell their barbecue sauce. A few local grocery stores signed on, and the brand started up in earnest.

In 1990, Andy’s Seasoning discontinued their barbecue sauce and turned their attention to other home cooking essentials. Since then, the brand has focused on dry blends of seasoned breading and seasoned salt, using the same or similar recipes to the ones Katherine used on fish fries at home. A dramatic change to the business came in 1996, when Andy passed away. Refusing to give up on her and her husband’s shared dream, Katherine took the reins and continued to grow the company. To this day, it is a family affair; the Andersons’ son, Larry W. Lee, now heads the company. He carries on the tradition of making home cooking shareable and worthy of celebration.

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