Search Policy Program

You may use a variety of online marketing strategies to increase traffic and help sell our Online Grocery Delivery service.
However, you may not, purchase or register search engine keywords, AdWords, search terms or other identifying terms or domain names that include the word "Safeway" or any variations thereof for use in any search engine, portal, sponsored advertising service or other search or referral service. Specifically, this policy prohibits you from bidding on:
Any form of our trademarks, "Safeway Inc", “Safeway”, “” or any keyword string that includes these terms, for example, “Safe-way”, "Safeway Online", "Safeway Coupons", "Safeway and Coupons", "Safeway Groceries", “Safeway Deals”, etc.;
Variations or misspellings of our trademarks: for example "Safe Way", "Safe-Way", "", "5afeway", "$afeway", "Safeways", "www.safeway", "", "", "", "safe.way", "", "safewaycom", etc.;
Any form of our trademarks or variation or misspelling thereof in connection with foreign country or other domain extensions.
Dilute, blur or tarnish the value of our trademarks, and/or products and services. (For example, you are not allowed to say that you offer better and/or more promotions, products and services than Safeway Inc);
Misrepresent Safeway brands including our URL, logos, trademarks and tradenames;
Engage in indiscriminate or unsolicited commercial advertising emails;
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Read our Frequently Asked Questions for more details on our Affiliate Program.