Notice of Disclosure of Protected Health Information at Safeway Pharmacy #1449 – 501 N. Miller St., Wenatchee, WA 98801

On September 20, 2021, Safeway Pharmacy #1449 in Wenatchee, Washington was burglarized. Approximately 30 unprocessed flu vaccine consent forms were stolen from the pharmacy. The theft was immediately reported to the local police department and the Albertsons Companies HIPAA Privacy Office began an investigation. Police were able to identify the suspect from security footage and cited the individual for theft. The individual stated that they discarded the paperwork in the trash, but we were unable to retrieve the forms. As a result, we cannot confirm which patients’ forms were stolen.

The following information was included on the paper vaccine forms: name, address, phone number, race, date of birth, Medicare Part B Identification or other insurance numbers, Social Security number’s last four digits, driver’s license number, primary physician’s name and address, and any other information that may have been handwritten on the form (including signatures). The form did not ask for a full Social Security number or credit card or other financial information, so we have no reason to believe this information was included. We have taken measures to avoid a future occurrence, including new security measures in place for paper forms.

Given the suspect’s admission that the forms were discarded, we have no indication that any of the stolen information has been misused. If at any point you discover that your information has been misused, please notify Officer Mustain at (509) 663-9911 with the Wenatchee Police Department and refer to case number 21W14850.

If you received a flu vaccine on September 20, 2021 at Safeway Pharmacy #1449, please call the pharmacy at (509) 663-5336 so that we can ensure our electronic records accurately reflect your vaccination status.

We deeply regret this situation and diligently strive to protect patient privacy. If you have questions or wish to discuss with a company representative, please contact our HIPAA Privacy Office toll-free at (877) 251-6559 or you may contact us directly at