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Pan Roasted Turkey

Pan Roasted Turkey Breast

  • Homestyle roasted for great flavor
  • Made without fillers for excellent texture
  • 98% fat free

Honey Turkey

  • Made with real honey for sweet flavor
  • 99% fat free

Dinner Roast Turkey

  • Boneless, Skinless natural turkey breast
  • Basted in its own juices
  • 97% fat free

Herb and Sundried Tomato Turkey

  • Natural turkey breast
  • Rubbed with herbs & sundried tomatoes
  • 99% fat free

Mesquite Smoked Turkey

  • Natural mesquite smoke flavor
  • Made without fillers for excellent texture
  • 99% fat free

Peppered Turkey

  • Robust peppercorn and hickory smoked flavor
  • 100% fat free
Honey Turkey
Oven Roasted Chicken

Oven Roasted Chicken Breast

  • Oven roasted for juiciness
  • Lightly seasoned
  • A great alternative to fried chicken

Honey Mesquite BBQ Chicken

  • Naturally smoked with mesquite
  • Great BBQ flavor
  • 99% fat free

Seasoned Roast Beef

  • Slow-roasted for maximum flavor
  • USDA Choice tender beef
  • Marinated and lightly seasoned


  • Seasoned with peppercorns and spices
  • USDA Choice lean beef
Roast Beef

Black Forest Ham

  • Naturally smoked for 3 hours
  • Slow-cooked in natural ham juices
  • Rubbed with caramel

Ham off the Bone

  • Naturally hickory wood smoked
  • Slow-tumbled for tenderness
Salame & Speciality Meat

Genoa Salame

  • Dry cured with red wine garlic
  • Aged 60 days for authentic flavor


  • Made with hand-selected 100% pork
  • Slightly fermented and slowly oven-baked for over 14 hours
  • Lightly spiced and gently laced with whole black peppercorns

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