image of fresh locally grown vegetablesOur produce department is brimming with an abundance of the freshest, sweetest, juiciest produce – including Locally Grown favorites delivered within hours of being picked and an incredible selection of USDA-Certified organic fruits and vegetables. In fact, all of our produce is always inspected for quality at least five times, so we can guarantee it’s good – or we’ll refund your money or replace your produce for FREE. Don’t miss our wide variety of convenience items, like single-serve juices, ready-to-eat cut fruit and vegetables, and pre-packaged salads.
Go Local!
Safeway has been working with local farmers for decades to bring each season’s best from their farms to your table. This long history means you get the pick of every crop, at the height of the season…for an unbeatable price. Stop by anytime to taste the difference – this farmer’s market is open 7 days a week!
image of a fresh bouquet of flowersWe offer breathtaking selections of the highest quality flowers and blooming plants. Whether it’s a seasonal beauty like sunflowers or an elegant blooming orchid, all our flowers and plants are hand-selected for quality and freshness, and 100% guaranteed.

image locally grown strawberries