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to suit any budget. With a selection like this, you’ll think you wandered into a wine shop that just happens to sell groceries. Our helpful wine steward is ready to make recommendations and wine pairing suggestions. We’ve got something for every occasion, so from now on you can
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Wine Steamed Beer Can Chicken. Steaming in a can beneath the chicken, wine infuses the meat with delicious flavors.
Wine Sauce Chicken. Chicken and mushrooms go hand-in-hand in a creamy Cheddar-wine sauce that deserves your attention.
Wine Jelly. This jelly is a lovely accompaniment to crackers and cream cheese. You can use any kind of wine, red or white.
Wine Fondue. A lovely wine fondue for cooking chicken, rabbit or veal. Dip bite-size pieces of raw meat into the boiling fondue until cooked.
White Wine Chicken Soup. Chicken and a multitude of vegetables, including a whole head of garlic, and a touch of white wine are simmered a good long while for a mellow flavor.
White Peach Sangria. A refreshing twist on the classic wine punch. White wine and peach vodka are floating with white peaches and grapes. A hit at summer parties!
Skirt Steak with Shallots and Red Wine. Impress your family or guests with this pan seared skirt steak with a savory and simple red wine sauce.
Scallops with White Wine Sauce I. Sea scallops with a creamy white wine and butter sauce.
Viewing 1-10 of 268 results
 Page  1  of  27