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Southern Grilled Barbecued Ribs. Here's a zesty southern two-step! Step one: bake ribs in a simple wine vinegar marinade. Step two: quickly barbecue to finish with a zesty sauce of cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, brown sugar and hot pepper sauce.
Sauerbraten I. Rump roast is marinated in spiced cider vinegar for five days, then seared and braised and served with a sour cream sauce.
Uncle Mike's Vinegar Pepper Sauce. This is a North Carolina-style BBQ sauce that I have used for years. It's great on any meat. Lots of vinegar - that's the North Carolina way! Be careful though, this one's spicy.
Strawberries with Balsamic Vinegar. This is a gourmet, unique way to serve this fantastic summer fruit! The balsamic vinegar brings out the berries' beautiful color and truly enhances their flavor. Great served with a simple pound cake, over vanilla ice cream, or simply by themselves.
Red Onion Confit with Merlot and Balsamic Vinegar. In this extraordinary side dish, butter and olive oil, wine and sugar, and balsamic vinegar highlight the natural silkiness, sweetness and tang of onion slices.
Raspberry Vinegar Chicken Breasts. Cream and tangy raspberry vinegar makes a sublime sauce for sauteed chicken.
Jamie's Cranberry Spinach Salad. Spinach, toasted almonds and bits of dried cranberries are tossed together in a bowl and dressed with a sweet and tangy vinegar and oil dressing full of sesame and poppy seeds.
Grilled Beets in Rosemary Vinegar. Tasty fresh beets are grilled with in a marinade of mixed herbs and balsamic vinegar!
Chicken Breasts with Balsamic Vinegar and Garlic. An aromatic, garlicky sauce of Balsamic vinegar and mushrooms graces this chicken dish.
BBQ-Glazed Pork Tenderloin. This easy pork tenderloin is grilled with basil, garlic, and cider vinegar then glazed with a rich, zesty tomato-brown sugar sauce.
Viewing 1-10 of 770 results
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