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Go–to meals are about estimation and improvisation—so add a sprinkle of spice, then another if needed. Out of an ingredient? Substitute a similar one. Round out the meal with any frozen, fresh or canned vegetable and fruit you have on hand. These go–to meal ideas are quicker
and ready to go. Add chips and a soda or choose from more than a dozen chef-inspired Signature Cafe® Soups and Salads to make it a meal! We even got a sweet treat in store for you. Our Signature Cafe ® Frozen Yogurt Bar serves up completely crave-worthy, low-fat frozen yogurt with
choices, satisfying snacks and more. Explore our wide array of lower-calorie choices Cereals •   Flakes with Strawberries •   Flakes with Fruit & Yogurt •   Flakes with Vanilla     & Almonds Frozen Entrees Over 15 varieties, including: •   Chicken Enchilada •
Safeway - Signature Cafe Specialty Sandwiches. Search In Signature-Cafe Specialty Sandwiches Chicken Artichoke • Chicken, Artichoke Hearts • Mozzarella, Onions, Aioli • Soft Roll Turkey Pesto Avocado • Turkey, Avocado • Provolone, Mayo • Focaccia Bread Chicken
Safeway - Nutrition Guide - Meat and Meat Alternatives. Search In Nutrition Related Links (Menu) Nutrition Guide nutrition information Beef Provides zinc, which helps keep the immune system healthy. Look for lean cuts such as those with “loin” or “round” in the name
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Safeway - Safeway Farms. Search In Our Brands Safeway ® Farms—Fresh from our farmers to your family With Safeway Farms, you can enjoy farm-to-table quality in every bite. We work closely with our growers to make sure every ingredient is always fresh, delicious and grown to
Safeway - ask the nutrition expert. Search In Nutrition Experts Related Links (Menu) Nutrition Experts Nutritious fast food lunches Question: I'm busy so I often hit the fast food drive through for lunch. What are some nutritious choices? Answer: With today's jam–packed
Safeway - Nutrition Guide - Fresh Vegetables. Search In Nutrition Related Links (Menu) Nutrition Guide nutrition information Acorn Squash Its golden-hued flesh provides vitamin C as well as potassium, a mineral that helps maintain normal blood pressure. To save time, pierce
Safeway - Priority Pet. Search In Our Brands Priority Total Pet Care ® — Everything you need for your best friends Your pets deserve the best care and nutrition. With Priority Total Pet Care, you'll find food, treats and supplies, all at a great value. Our new line of affordable,
Viewing 1-10 of 24 results
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