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and ready to go. Add chips and a soda or choose from more than a dozen chef-inspired Signature Cafe® Soups and Salads to make it a meal! We even got a sweet treat in store for you. Our Signature Cafe ® Frozen Yogurt Bar serves up completely crave-worthy, low-fat frozen yogurt with
choices, satisfying snacks and more. Explore our wide array of lower-calorie choices Cereals •   Flakes with Strawberries •   Flakes with Fruit & Yogurt •   Flakes with Vanilla     & Almonds Frozen Entrees Over 15 varieties, including: •   Chicken Enchilada •
right away to preserve the fresh flavor of this versatile fish. Halibut Steak Frozen Steaks - 12-oz Our wild Alaskan halibut steaks have the delicate flavor and firm, flaky texture just right for a simple, elegant seafood dinner. They're flash-frozen and vacuum-packed to preserve
fat-free yogurt for a creamy smoothie. Frozen Pizza Grab a slice of good nutrition! Skip the meat and try veggie-topped pizza to trim fat and get vitamins, minerals and fiber, too. Frozen Treats A scoop of “light”, “low-fat” or “fat-free” ice cream or frozen yogurt
the grill or slide them under the broiler, these wild-caught scallops are large enough to create a meal by themselves. Flash-frozen and vacuum-packed, they're as full of fresh flavor as the day they were caught. Shrimp Cooked Tail On 21-25 Count Per Pound Frozen - 2-lb Our jumbo
OCT 10 16 P-1358 Safeway Kitchens Broccoli & Cheese Chicken 2113021445 JUL 14 16 Through OCT 10 16 P-1358 Only these products with the above-referenced Best Before dates are subject to the recall. The product is sold from the frozen food area of all Safeway, Vons, Pavilions,
Enjoy them in main dishes, side dishes and salads, too. Frozen Foods When time is tight, your freezer is your friend. Stock whole-wheat waffles and pancakes for speedy breakfasts. Serve a quick meal with low-fat frozen entrees or a veggie-topped pizza. Frozen fruits and vegetables
or hand sanitizer will do in a pinch, too. Keep cold foods cold. Keep perishable foods in the safe temperature zone of 40°F or lower by packing them in an insulated cooler surrounded by ice or frozen gel packs. Pack meat, poultry and seafood frozen so they stay cold longer. If you
on nutritious staples? Stock up and save! Stock up on your favorite staples when they’re on sale. Good options are canned seafood and beans, canned and frozen fruits and veggies, frozen entrees, and whole-grain cereals (watch “use by” dates). Look for our green SimpleNutrition
Safeway - Safeway Brand. Search Safeway Brand shop smart with Safeway Brand When value is at the top of your list, shop Safeway Brand. You’ll find thousands of items up and down our aisles from dry cereal and frozen foods to paper towels and laundry detergent. And it’s a label
Viewing 1-10 of 26 results
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