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Two-Hour Turkey. Prep and cook a turkey in two hours.
tomatoes layered with fresh mozzarella, basil, and a drizzle of olive oil. Then enjoy quickly sauteed turkey breast in a rich mushroom and Marsala sauce. As a side, stir-fry one or two packages of thawed frozen Italian-style green beans, then season to taste with salt and fresh-ground
counter? No, because thawing at room temperature may promote the growth of bacteria that cause food-borne illness. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends three safe ways to thaw a frozen turkey: In the fridge. Place the frozen turkey in its original wrapper in the refrigerator
Apricot-Glazed Turkey Breast with Sherried Ginger Sauce. Wake up slices of roasted turkey breast with this sunny glaze and sauce!
Turkey-Stuffed Pasillas. Ground turkey goes southwestern, baked inside roasted pasilla peppers along with chile powder and cumin, salsa, corn, and jack cheese.
Healthy Turkey Loaf. Lean ground turkey in a flavorful mixture of salsa, bell pepper, egg and onion. The ease of meatloaf without the calories! Easily frozen and baked later for a quick meal.
Turkey a la King. Turkey, peas and mushrooms in a creamy sauce to serve over puff-pastry boats, biscuits, toast or rice.
Goat Cheese and Spinach Turkey Burgers. Pile on the condiments, and a enjoy one of these tasty turkey burgers today! These are great when cooked on the grill.
Turkey Paella. Turkey sausage is the secret to trimming down this traditional Spanish dish, perfect for serving a crowd!
White Chili. This has ground turkey, salsa, corn, great Northern beans and jalapeno pepper Cheddar cheese. I requested this recipe from my co-worker after she brought it into one of our many potlucks. It is very tasty and a little spicy; if you don't like it spicy, cut the amount of
Viewing 1-10 of 1192 results
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