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in any way. 9. Sales taxes will be applied in accordance with the law of the applicable state, regardless of any coupon or other discount that may apply to the purchase transaction. 10. All applicable bottle and packaging deposits on the purchased and free items must be paid by
the Safeway App for iPhone and Android devices. You can load coupons and deals on the go, add your own items to a shopping list, and more. It's FREE and available at the and . Can I combine manufacturer/store coupons with these prices? Yes, you can combine a manufacturer or store
that support a healthier lifestyle. Qualifying items receive a shelf tag highlighting one key nutrient or ingredient attribute and the number of Carb Choices in a serving. In addition, items may receive a Gluten Free or Organic tag because they meet a specific lifestyle or dietary
sleep habits? You didn't answer this question. You answered The correct answer is Other ideas to promote healthy sleep: Avoid large meals before bed; get plenty of exercise; and make sure your bedroom is comfortable and free of electronic devices and other distracting items. A.
inspected for quality at least five times, so we can guarantee it’s good – or we’ll refund your money or replace your produce for FREE. Don’t miss our wide variety of convenience items, like single-serve juices, ready-to-eat cut fruit and vegetables, and pre-packaged salads.
may affect item prices and promotions. Also, Promo Codes cannot be entered during the Order Edit process. If you qualify for additional Promo Code Deals, please make a note of the offer(s) and call toll-free at 1-877-505-4040 after you receive your delivery, and we'll apply the appropriate
nutrition or ingredient attribute on the tag and also display the number of Carb Choices in a serving of the item. The attributes and their definitions are listed below. Gluten Free Identified as "gluten free" by the manufacturer on product packaging. Organic Must bear the "organic"
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most common excluded items. Also, state and local laws or agreements sometimes determine what items are excluded. For a complete list of the items that apply to your area, please contact our customer service department. What is the eScrip program? The eScrip program is a fundraising
tags throughout our stores to help you shop with health in mind. The tags highlight up to two key nutrition or ingredient benefits. Items featuring a nutrition benefit are first screened against our Items that pass the criteria are further evaluated to determine whether they qualify
Viewing 1-10 of 206 results
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