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orange, bell peppers are plentiful in vitamin C and fiber. Fiber may help benefit heart health. Add peppers to fajitas and stir-fries, skewer on kabobs, or stuff with lean ground meat and rice. Roasted peppers are great layered on sandwiches. Broccoli Along with fiber and potassium,
whole grains or fiber to help benefit heart health. Trim sugar by topping unsweetened cereals with fresh fruit. Pasta A family favorite that offers vitamins and minerals. One cup cooked pasta contains about 200 calories, so watch portions. Choose varieties with whole grains or
items may receive a Gluten Free or Organic tag because they meet a specific lifestyle or dietary need. Why do qualifying products display only one key attribute plus Carb Choices? Limiting attributes to one on each tag makes it easier and quicker for our customers to shop for products
Carb Choices, Sugar Free, Made with Whole Grains, Good Source of Fiber, Low Sodium, Sodium Smart, Fat Free, Low Saturated Fat, Low Fat, Good Source of Protein, Good Source of Vitamin C, Good Source of Vitamin A and 100% Juice. Products that qualify for SimpleNutrition will show one
estimation and improvisation—so add a sprinkle of spice, then another if needed. Out of an ingredient? Substitute a similar one. Round out the meal with any frozen, fresh or canned vegetable and fruit you have on hand. These go–to meal ideas are quicker than a trip to the drive
grams trans fat per serving." It's still important to watch how much you eat because small amounts of trans fat can add up when you eat more than one serving. Keep reading those labels to cut back on trans fat. Compare labels for products such as margarines, vegetable shortenings,
and repair cells. Plus, soy milk is low in saturated fat and cholesterol-free. Choose light varieties to keep calories in check. Try soy milk in smoothies, on cereal or in recipes in place of dairy milk. Vegetable Juice One cup of 100% vegetable or tomato juice provides vitamin
Safeway - Bright Green About. Search Introducing Bright Green™ Together we can make a difference. Everyday we make choices that impact the health of our planet, and while no one person can do it alone, together our small individual acts can add up to a big difference. Working
Safeway - Nutrition Guide - Fresh Fruits. Search In Nutrition Related Links (Menu) Nutrition Guide nutrition information Apples An apple a day really may keep the doctor away! Along with fiber, apples contain antioxidants called “flavonoids,” which may benefit heart
Watch portion size to manage calories—a small handful makes a satisfying snack. Popcorn Surprise! Popcorn is a whole-grain food that supplies fiber, too. Fiber helps promote a healthy digestive system. Add flavor and cut calories and fat—sprinkle plain popcorn with Parmesan
Viewing 1-10 of 68 results
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