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Cream Puffs. Homemade cream puffs will wow your guests, but they are so easy to make, especially if you fill them with instant vanilla pudding. The baked puff shells are a simple alchemy of milk, butter, water, salt and eggs. Presto!
Cream Puff Dessert. Choux pastry is baked in a rectangular pan, then topped with a chocolate cream cheese filling and a whipped topping top and frozen.
Magic Pancake Bowl with Fruit. This pancake made with tangy sour cream puffs up like magic in the oven and magically disappears at the table too.
Cream Puff Cake. Like a giant eclair. Filled with creamy cream cheese cream filling, and drizzled with chocolate syrup.
Cream Puff Shells. These shells can be filled with sweetened whipped cream or a savory salmon mousse. They store well in the freezer before they are filled.
Pepper Jack Popovers. Popovers are a light and airy bread, like a cream puff without the filling. Pepper Jack cheese makes these a savory variation to serve in place of dinner rolls, or for a spicy snack.
such as mustard. Unbleached Flour: Unbleached flour is flour without edible bleaching/whitening agents added, and is less white than bleached flour which is pure white since bleaching agents are added. Unbleached flour can be used in baking yeast breads, cream puffs, Danish pastries,
Shrimp Scampi Cheesecake Appetizer. Puff pastry shells are filled with a sophisticated blend of cream cheese, Gouda cheese and shrimp sauteed with onion and garlic. Baked and garnished with whole shrimp and chopped chives, these are appetizers worthy of your most elegant gatherings.
Cinnamon Twists with Cream Cheese Icing. Make these easy baked cinnamon twists with refrigerated pizza dough, lots of brown sugar and cinnamon, and a drizzle of cream cheese icing.
Parmesan and Black Pepper Twist. This crispy, savory treat will melt in your mouth and perfectly accessorize so many foods and beverages.
Viewing 1-10 of 2600 results
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