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Cranberry Gelatin Salad. A beautiful crimson gelatin salad filled with delicious stuff - jellied cranberry sauce, pineapple, sweet-pitted cherries and chopped pecans. This lovely mixture is stirred into cherry gelatin and chilled.
Moore's Cranberry Gelatin Salad. This recipe uses fresh cranberries, pineapple, orange, grapes and apples. Delicious with turkey, chicken or ham. Pineapple juice is an excellent substitute for water if you would like a bit more flavor. Originally submitted to ThanksgivingRecipe.com.
Cranberry-Black Cherry Gelatin Salad. This is a great gelatin salad - even people who don't like cranberries will love this!
Cran-Raspberry Gelatin Mold. This slightly tart concoction of cranberries and raspberries in a gelatin base can be used as a salad or in lieu of cranberry sauce with turkey at a Thanksgiving dinner.
Cranberry Apple Gelatin Mold. Yogurt adds a creamy quality to this cranberry gelatin mold using fresh apples, oranges and nuts.
with full portions, start with half the usual amount. You can always get seconds in the (unlikely) event that you're still hungry. Focus on favorites. If you really don't like candied sweet potatoes, cranberry gelatin mold or mincemeat pie, skip them. Instead, stick with special
Festive Cranberry - Pineapple Salad. Sweet, tangy, refreshing and remarkably easy.
Ruby Red Layered Salad. First come the raspberries and raspberry gelatin layer. Then comes the sour cream layer. Then the crushed pineapple, cranberry sauce and cherry gelatin layer. Then come the raves from your eight dinner guests.
Cranberry Salad III. A nice change from the traditional cranberry sauce.
Blueberry Party Salad. This decadent gelatin salad is comprised of three luscious layers: ruby red raspberry gelatin spread with a rich cheese cake-like layer and topped with blueberry pie filling.
Viewing 1-10 of 1107 results
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