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Supreme Apple Butter. Serve this rich, slow-cooked apple butter with your favorite breads and breakfast treats!
Apple Orchard Punch. A non-alcoholic punch combining apple, cranberry and orange juices with ginger ale.
No Sugar Apple Pie. Apple slices are cooked in unsweetened apple juice on the stove and thickened with cornstarch before filling this double crusted pie for the sugar sensitive dessert lover.
Herbed Pork and Apples. Impress your guests with an herb-rubbed pork roast roasted with chunks of tart apple and sweet red onion dusted with brown sugar. Serve with a pan sauce enriched with maple syrup and apple juice. Be ready to hand out copies of this recipe!
Awesome Apple Martinis. Apple schnapps, vodka and apple juice are shaken, not stirred.
Apple Butter Pork Loin. This is the best pork recipe I've ever made. This pork is seasoned with a spiced apple butter, and roasted in apple juice. If food can be warm and cozy, this is it - a great Sunday dish!
Pan-Browned Pork Chops with Winter Fruit. Apples, oranges, apricots and ginger bring a delicate sweetness to boneless pork loin.
Yam and Apple Casserole. Perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday, yams and apples are baked with a sweet glaze.
Baked Chicken with Apple Stuffing. Breaded chicken breasts are baked with a simple apple and bread stuffing for an easy one dish meal. Get cozy with this holiday-inspired meal anytime of year!
Sweetly Spiced Pork. Call this pleasure on a plate: sauteed pork, seasoned with cinnamon, is simmered with a aromatic blend of winter squash, apples, apple juice, cranberries, brown sugar, cloves and mace. Finish with a sprinkling of toasted chopped walnuts.
Viewing 1-10 of 2313 results
 Page  1  of  232