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Olive Oil Dip. This simple garlic, butter, and olive oil dipping sauce comes together in minutes.
Olive Oil Cranberry Bundt Cake. My favorite Bundt cake. Light and moist, absolutely delicious! Also good with blueberries. If using blueberries, omit cinnamon and cloves.
Grilled Summer Squash with Olive Oil and Mint. Healthy and simple summer squash gets a kick from fresh mint.
Fasoliyyeh Bi Z-Zayt (Syrian Green Beans with Olive Oil). I learned how to make this while visiting my husband's family in Syria. It can be a healthy, fast, easy vegetarian/vegan main dish for lunch or dinner that is surprisingly filling when eaten with pita bread, or it can be a flavorful
Real N'awlins Muffuletta. A homemade olive salad is spread on fresh bread which is then layered with salami, ham, mortadella, mozzarella and Provolone. Great sandwich, anyone?! Note: Use round bread loaves for real muffuletta.
Muffaletta Pizza. This baked New Orleans style appetizer pizza is topped with exciting ingredients, including a delicious, spicy olive salad, deli meats and cheeses.
Pizza On The Grill I. With this recipe, you'll make the garlic and basil pizza dough from scratch, and learn the tricks of grilling a perfect pizza that features tomatoes, olives, roasted red pepper, and basil. Makes two medium pizzas.
Three Olive Spread. This recipe was given to me by a coworker for the holidays. It is best when made with olives purchased at a deli. Serve with your favorite cracker, baguettes or thin italian bread slices.
Sharon's Scrumptious Souvlaki. This is my family's favorite Greek dish. Lamb is marinated overnight, then threaded onto skewers and grilled. The meat is served on a pita bread with a zesty, garlicky yogurt sauce. This can be served with a Greek salad and rice pilaf.
Easy Paella. In this version of the classic Spanish dish, chicken, chorizo sausage, and shrimp combine with rice simmered in broth and flavored with saffron threads, garlic, onions, red pepper flakes, paprika, and bay leaf.
Viewing 1-10 of 2891 results
 Page  1  of  290