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positive steps the AAP recommends for families: Reduce sugar and calories at home. Children will not be tempted to overindulge if sugary and high-calorie foods aren't in the kitchen. If cakes or other treats are bought for a birthday or special occasion, buy them right before the
Below are some common questions—and some answers that just might surprise you. Is it safe to thaw a frozen turkey overnight on the kitchen counter? No, because thawing at room temperature may promote the growth of bacteria that cause food-borne illness. The US Department of Agriculture
on fast food. "The amount of food in the homes was similar, but in the homes of obese individuals, food was distributed in more locations outside the kitchen," said Emery. "That speaks to the environment being arranged in a way that may make it harder to avoid eating food. That has
time was more of a check-in time, connecting around the table with parents and with siblings." Kids who were overweight had shorter meal times and ate more often in rooms other than the kitchen, the findings showed. For example, 30 percent of meals for overweight kids occurred in
the Wansink household, for example, less nutritious snacks are kept in the laundry room. "Most U.S. households have snacks in four to five different cupboards in the kitchen," Wansink explained. "We keep our less-healthy snacks in the laundry room and most of them are probably out
teens who try to avoid spending time with their parents and siblings, new research suggests that sitting down for family meals might help them stay slim as adults. Despite everyone's busy schedules, researchers found that just one or two gatherings around the kitchen table each week
safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs. And, of course, keep anything that might be dangerous out of reach at night, as well as during the day. Think about medicines, makeup or cosmetics, cleaning products, small items that may be swallowed, and sharp kitchen items or tools.
and other furniture away from windows. Use only cordless window coverings in children's sleep and play areas.  Poorly stored chemicals Since the year 2000, the number of poisoning deaths has doubled among children. Many poisons are found in the garage, kitchen or bathroom. They
Viewing 1-8 of 8 results
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