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Turkey Chili Verde. Shredded turkey and organic ingredients offer a delicious twist on this flavorful favorite.
Hearty Hot Chili Dip. Stir up a sensation! In just a few minutes, this spicy, cheesy meal-in-a-dip will be ready for your hungry crowd to dig into.
Jicama and Avocado Salad with Smoked Chili-Orange Vinaigrette. Crispy cool veggies and creamy smooth avocado slices come alive in a smoky, spicy, citrus dressing with a hint of mustard.
Halibut with Tomatoes and Chili. A quick and easy fish dish with spicy flair.
Pork Steak with Green Chile Salsa. Thin steaks of spicy sauteed pork share the plate with zippy salsa and cool sour cream.
Grilled Pork Chops Diablo. The spicy grilled pork chops and velvety fresh avocado are sprinkled with orange juice and garnished with cilantro for a burst of flavor and texture.
Chili Cheese Fondue. Everyone will love this updated version of fondue, rich with two kinds of cheese and spiked with chilies. All you need to round out the meal is a simple butter lettuce salad studded with orange segments and dressed with your favorite vinaigrette. End on a sweet
Corn Salad. Try this fabulous jumble of taste, color, and texture while everyone's favorite vegetable is at its peak.
Grilled Carmen Burger. This is a restrained version of the Habanero Hamburger served at the Prince of Wales Pub in San Mateo, California. There, the burger is generously topped with a habanero-heavy salsa. Those who have downed this incendiary creation are celebrated with a photo on
Safeway Mango Salsa. This salsa is great alongside pork or chicken, or for scooping onto chips. You can make it up to 4 hours ahead; cover and chill.
Ten Minute Enchilada Sauce. A super speedy enchilada sauce with a truly authentic taste.
Peanut-Ginger Marinade. Peanut butter, chili paste, garlic, and ginger create a flavorful Asian style marinade for grilled chicken. Great!
Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls. These spring rolls are a refreshing change from the usual fried variety, and have become a family favorite. They are great as a cool summertime appetizer, and are delicious dipped in one or both of the sauces.
Slow-Cooked German Short Ribs. Beef short ribs and onions slow cooked in a spicy red wine sauce. Goes great over wide egg noodles.
Easy Mexican Casserole. Ground beef, salsa and chili beans are layered with tortilla chips and sour cream and topped with melted cheese in this tasty dish.
Acapulco Chicken. A spicy stir fry blending chicken breast, tomato, onion, bell pepper, jalapenos and hot pepper sauce!
Roast Chicken Pita Pockets. Pita bread bulging with honey-roasted chicken, lettuce, onion and Cheddar in a spicy tomato mayonnaise.
Chicken Roti From India. A fragrant home-made masala--an exotic spice mixture--will reward you with this hotly seasoned chicken dish, garnished with fresh, unsweetened coconut.
Owen's Peachy Pig Out. Use your microwave to make boneless loin chops with delectable peaches in a sweet and spicy sauce of chili peppers, peach syrup, brown sugar and soy sauce.
Glazed Corned Beef with Lentils. Brisket is simmered on top of the stove with vegetables and pickling spices, then topped with a honey mustard glaze, and baked in the oven. Lentils seasoned with chili sauce are a highly recommended accompaniment.
Chinese Chicken Salad III. Ginger, peanut butter, hoisin sauce, brown sugar, chili paste, rice wine vinegar and sesame oil make up this wonderful dressing. What we love are the fried wontons tucked inside the chicken salad.
Green Chutney. This is a very tasty chutney and prepared in moments in the blender. Lemon juice, cilantro, green chili, peanuts, and ginger. That 's it.
No-Fry Spicy Potato Skins. Chili powder, curry powder and coriander seeds are the secret for the zip in these low-calorie potato skins. And so simple to make. Baked potato skins are dipped in olive oil, dusted with spices and baked until crispy and memorable.
Tasty Tuna Burgers. These tasty tuna burgers are so delicious. My husband is a very fussy eater, and he loves these tasty tuna burgers. Enjoy!
Kung Pao Chicken. Put some spice in your life with this restaurant favorite: Chicken and peanuts in soy-sesame sauce with hot chili paste.
Yakisoba Chicken. A classic, justifiably popular Japanese stir fry in which chicken cooked in a yummy soy sauce, chili paste garlic blend is tossed with buckwheat soba noodles, carrot, cabbage and onion.
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Shredded Beef Chimichangas
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Turkey Sloppy Joes. Made with turkey, veggies, and whole wheat burger buns, this adaptation offers a healthier take on a retro favorite.
Mexican Chocolate Brownies. A unique Mexican inspired twist on the traditional chocolate brownie.
Low-Fat Basil Pizza. This simple pizza topped with mozzarella and basil is even simpler to make when using refrigerated pizza dough.
Honey-Sweetened Cornbread. This slightly sweet cornbread is a great side for chili, soup or stew.
Chili-Cheese Steak with Avocado. Skirt steaks get the full Tex-Mex treatment--you'll love them in a tequila sauce with cheese and chiles broiled on top.
Cauliflower, Potato, and Pea Curry. A fragrant vegetable curry works well as a side dish, or as a main dish, served with rice.
Quick Chicken Mole. This shortcut version of delicious mole is dark, rich, and spicy, and it is ready to eat in just over half an hour.
Black-Eyed Peas with Ham Hocks and Greens. Traditional southern fare, black-eyed peas are thought to bring good luck - they taste terrific too!
Baked Brie with Green Salsa. Impress your guests with this incredibly fast and easy twist on traditional baked brie.
Beef and Corn Stew in a Pumpkin Tureen. Tender, spicy beef stew steams inside a glorious golden pumpkin, which makes a beautiful presentation.
Sweet and Sour Pork. This Chinese main dish is particularly popular in American Chinese restaurants and is great when made at home with fresh ingredients.
Tangerine and Radicchio Salad. Brighten up your day with this vibrant salad of tossed radicchio with tangerine segments and a vibrant citrus dressing.
Tamale Pie. This is a complete meal - combining meat, vegetables, and bread all in one dish.
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