Open Nature - FAQ - Frozen

How is your ice cream 100% natural?
Our ice cream contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.
What kind of dairy products do you use?
The skim milk and cream used in our products are from cows not treated with rBST. rBST (also known as rBGH) is an artificial growth hormone used to increase milk production in cows.
What is guar gum and is it natural?
Guar gum is a natural gum from the seeds of the guar plant and is used to thicken the ice cream.
What is locust bean gum and is it natural?
Locust bean gum is a natural vegetable gum extracted from the seeds of the Carob tree and is used to thicken the ice cream.
What is soy lecithin and is it natural?
Soy lecithin is derived from soybeans and is used to improve texture in foods and it is natural.
What is carrageenan and why is it used in your ice cream products?
Carrageenan is a natural thickening compound extracted from carrageen seaweed and red algae. It is used to thicken the ice cream.
Does your Open Nature™ Milk Chocolate ice cream contain cocoa processed with alkali?
The ice cream does not contain cocoa processed with alkali. Alkali modifies the taste and properties of natural cocoa powder. Other brands use it because it mellows out the cocoa taste and blends more easily with other ingredients. Alkalized cocoa can be natural, as it depends on the type of alkali that is used. However, we choose not to use it because it is lower in flavanol antioxidants, and also masks the natural taste of cocoa.
Is your ice cream kosher?
Yes, it is kosher.
Is your ice cream gluten free?
These flavors are gluten free: Strawberry, Mint Chip, Milk Chocolate, Cherry Vanilla, and Vanilla Bean.
At what temperature should the product be stored?
-10°F is the ideal temperature.
Can Open Nature products be refrozen after they have been thawed?
The ice cream should remain frozen.
How do I know if my Open Nature product is at its best quality?
See the best before date on the package.