Spring Food & Fitness Tips

Now that spring is finally here, how can I freshen up my food and fitness routines?


We like the way you think–spring motivates us to shed old habits and try new things, too!

These five ideas will put a new spring in your step:

  1. Make over your shopping habits with SimpleNutrition. Need a little help to shop with health in mind? It's a breeze with the SimpleNutrition tags found throughout our stores. Look for nutrition attributes such as "Carb Choices," "Made with Whole Grains," "Good Source of Fiber," "Low Fat," "Good Source of Vitamin C" and many more. Learn more about our SimpleNutrition tags here.
  2. Pick some spring produce. Our produce department is bursting with spring favorites such as asparagus, baby spinach, tender lettuces, sweet onions, apricots, strawberries and more. Enjoy a fruit or veggie (or both!) at each meal and snack.
  3. Refresh your recipes. Use those great spring ingredients in a delicious new dish from our SimpleNutrition recipe collection. Try super–speedy Roasted Asparagus or colorful Butter Lettuce and Cilantro Salad.
  4. Rise and shine. Get up a little earlier to do a few yoga poses (sun salutation, anyone?) followed by a fruit and yogurt smoothie–you'll feel brand new!
  5. Get a breath of fresh air. If you exercised indoors all winter (or were a couch potato), take it outside. Walking, jogging, bicycling and gardening are fun ways to move in the fresh air.
Hungry for more spring produce tips? Find out how to unearth something new in the produce department.