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We always make a big pot of chili for our football parties, but I'd like to change it up a bit this year and also make it more healthful. Any ideas?
Chili is one of those versatile dishes that lets you get creative. An extra sprinkle of spice here, a different kind of bean or veggie there -- chili is fun to make and eat!

These variations on the traditional meat-and-bean chili will help you "stir the pot" the next time you make this cold-weather favorite:

Mix up the meat. Instead of the usual ground beef, make chili with lean chunks of sirloin steak, diced chicken breast, or ground turkey or chicken breast. Or "go veg" by using soy or veggie burger crumbles.
Go crazy with colorful beans. Use several types such as black, pinto, kidney and white beans. Use canned beans for convenience (to reduce sodium, rinse and drain before adding to the pot).
Add volume with veggies. In addition to the usual beans, tomatoes and onions, load the pot with veggies like shredded carrots and zucchini, diced red and green pepper, chopped Swiss chard, baby spinach or corn kernels.
For a nutritious twist on another football party favorite, try our SimpleNutrition recipe for Layered Black Bean Dip.

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