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At our family cookouts, we love to play games like volleyball and badminton. How many calories do these activities burn?
To stay at a healthy weight, it's important to balance the calories you take in—through the foods you eat—with the calories you put out—by being physically active—each and everyday. But sometimes, finding that balance can be tricky, especially at events like parties and cookouts where high calorie foods typically play a starring role. Playing games is fun—and a great way to burn off some of the extra calories often enjoyed at cookouts.

The chart below shows the number of calories burned by playing favorite summer games for 30 minutes.*

Frisbee107 calories
Volleyball107 calories
Badminton160 calories
Croquet89 calories
Kickball250 calories
Moderate walking/running during play with kids143 calories

Believe it or not, you also burn calories when you're sitting, talking and eating—but just 53 calories in 30 minutes. So, make sure to mix relaxation time with a healthy dose of active play time, too.

* Estimated calories burned based on 150-pound person. Persons weighing more than 150 pounds will burn more calories; those weighing less will burn fewer calories.

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