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Healthy eating habits for kids

How can I start teaching healthy eating habits to my little ones?


You've got the right idea! The earlier you begin promoting healthy habits in kids, the likelier they'll stick with them.

One key is to make healthy eating fun. Start by spending "kitchen time" together preparing simple and nutritious meals and snacks. Kids love to "cook" and eat their creations. And it gives you an opportunity to role model a positive attitude about nutritious foods.

Expect some spills and messes, but lots of giggles, too!

A few caveats to keep kids safe: Always supervise young children in the kitchen. Kids under age 10 shouldn't use the stove, electrical appliances or sharp utensils, or handle hot dishes. Don't let them use a microwave until they are tall enough to reach in safely and understand that steam can cause burns.

Kids can help out with safe and simple tasks like these:
Sprinkle blueberries on top of cereal.
Arrange cut-up veggies in a pretty pattern on a plate.
Spoon applesauce into bowls.
Dump and mix dry ingredients for whole-grain pancakes.
Use plastic cookie cutters on slices of soft whole-wheat bread to make fun-shaped sandwiches.
Tear up lettuce for a salad.