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What are some tips for managing all the candy that's around during the Halloween season?
Whether it's the goodies you stock for trick-or-treaters, the haul your kids bring home, or the overflowing office candy jar, candy seems to haunt you wherever you look. Try these tips to tame your family's "sweet fang:"
Buy mini or "fun-size" candy bars. You won't be known as the "jackpot" house on the block, but smaller-size bars mean fewer calories compared to regular sizes—as long as you and the little goblins stick to just one or two pieces.

Offer other options. Little kids love getting Halloween-themed stickers, bubbles, pencils and other small items. Look for special holiday single-serve bags of pretzels, popcorn and other low-fat snacks. Give out fruit leather, mini-boxes of raisin, single-size applesauce cups or granola bars. Or mix these items with some candy and let trick-or-treaters pick.

Hide the haul. Stash candy in a cabinet or closet, not in a bowl in plain sight. Let everyone choose one or two pieces a day.

Set a candy "expiration date." Don't keep large amounts of candy around until it's all eaten. After a week or so, let kids fill a small plastic bag with their favorites to freeze for future treats and give away the rest.
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