Nutrition Experts

Managing Holiday Goodies


We always have so many holiday goodies around the office this time of year. What are some tips for not overdoing it?


It's hard not to be tempted when treats are out everywhere you turn. Try these suggestions:

Back away from temptation. If the candy jar is filled with chocolates and candy canes are sitting right next to you, it's hard not to indulge — and overdo. If possible, move the food away from your desk or other areas of the office you frequent.

Ask yourself if you're really hungry. Chances are, it's not hunger, but the smell of chocolate chip cookies that's appealing. Go for a quick walk around the block or office to get away from temptation and if you're still hungry, eat one of the nutritious snack suggestions (below) first.

Keep nutritious snacks handy. Counter the less healthful treats with more nutritious ones you can store in your desk. Try sipping a sugar-free hot cocoa instead of eating a chocolate candy. Bring fresh fruit and vegetables, light popcorn and low-fat cheese with whole-grain crackers to the office. Or treat yourself to a fat-free latte sprinkled with cinnamon.

Don't deprive yourself. Enjoy one treat a day. Depriving yourself only sets you up for failure, So, be realistic and choose a reasonable portion of one great holiday food each day.