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image of new Gig Harbor rendering

Gig Harbor Safeway
Thanks for visiting the Gig Harbor Safeway website. Safeway is bringing a state of the art lifestyle store to Gig Harbor, Washington.
About Safeway's Lifestyle store
Safeway's new format, introduced several years ago, brings customers all the conveniences and choices they have come to expect in a quality, modern supermarket. The new format includes an earth-toned d├ęcor, subdued lighting, custom flooring and unique display of features to create a warm ambiance that enhances the shopping experience. This format showcases enhanced service departments, such as floral, produce, deli/food services, bakery, meat and seafood and emphasizes high-quality perishables products and prepared foods.
we're making shopping even better!
The new Gig Harbor Safeway will have numerous special features designed to meet your shopping needs and make your trip enjoyable. The store features:
organic product department photoa produce department with a wide variety of specialty and organic produce
image of cheese selectiona large selection of cheeses from the Cheese World
image of bakerya fresh bakery with Hearth Oven
image of expanded floral displaya wide variety of fresh flowers in our floral department
Starbucks availablea Starbucks with expanded seating area
expanded deli and food servicean expanded deli and food service area
service meat and seafooda service meat and seafood department
sushi bara fresh sushi bar with sushi chef.
new lifestyle store layout
The new Safeway Shopping Center will re-establish this location as Gig Harbor's primary shopping destination. The entire site will be redeveloped into an open and inviting lifestyle center, with abundant landscaping and space for other retailers and restaurants, as well as beautifully designed pedestrian plazas and walkways.

Gig Harbor site plan

The new store is designed to make your shopping trip convenient and enjoyable. There will be a large indoor/outdoor seating area at the south end of store, extending into the center's primary plaza. With a fireplace for the indoor and outdoor seating, this will be a comfortable place to take a break from shopping to enjoy a cup of coffee or meal from our deli.
history of Gig Harbor Safeway
Safeway has strong roots in the Gig Harbor community. Safeway began serving Gig Harbor when it built its almost 40 years ago. Since then it has been expanded and remodeled twice to improve the services provided to our customers. It is now time to re-invest in an entirely new store that will offer the best selection of groceries and specialty departments that Safeway has to offer. Safeway welcomes the opportunity to provide a newly enhanced store for the community to gather and shop.