Safeway SELECT Coffee Pods

Safeway SELECT. Try our new single serve pods.

Ground Coffee

French Roast
100% Arabica beans from Latin
America that create a truly bold taste.

A complex brew with spicy undertones
and hints of butterscotch.

Costa Rica
A well-balanced coffee, known for its
excellent body and sparkling brightness.


Breakfast Blend
A bright and smooth cup of coffee
that will awaken your senses.

Sweet and nutty flavors paired with
an intense hazelnut aroma.


Specialty Beverages

French Vanilla

The creamy richness of vanilla cappuccino, made in the comfort of your own home.

Hazelnut Cappuccino
Cappuccino with the sweet buttery
overtones that only hazelnut can provide.

Milk Chocolate Cocoa
Creamy smoothness and rich aroma
make this treat a classic favorite.

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